Amal Chambers


Amal Chambers is an aspiring writer in Characters at Large and the author of its first story, Descent into Madness. As he has gone through life, he’s found that sometimes the world has a strange way of working, occasionally granting the underdog a way to prevail. However, not all chances given are done so unconditionally. Amal’s stories will show that just as there are many heights to one’s success, there are also frequent lows. Amal has always had a passion for reading and partaking in darker, more realistic stories such as Bloodborne/Darksouls, Last of Us; and Dragon Age, Ranger’s Apprentice, Warriors, and Falling Kingdoms. He’s enjoyed creating his own worlds full of superheroes with dark backstories, which he has been doing since he was in elementary school. He now is staring up the looming fortress that is his dream as his trembling hand knocks on its door.

Kenny Fleeger

Founder, Writer

As a connoisseur of fictional media, there are very few things that haven’t graced Characters at Large’s Co-Founder, Kenny Fleeger, with the spark that is inspiration. Having grown up a dedicated fan of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians books (spinoffs included), loving Star Wars, and falling head-over-heels for Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! throughout his childhood, there was never a dull moment in his free time. Moving forward to today, there’s only so much time in the day to experience new stories and worlds, and Kenny has used that time to expand his favorites into Cowboy Bebop from director Shinichirō Watanabe and screenwriter Keiko Nobumoto, 2007’s film No Country for Old Men directed by Joel and Ethan Coen (based on the book of the same name by Cormac McCarthy), and the Persona and Fire Emblem series of video games developed and published by Atlus/Sega and Intelligent Systems/Nintendo respectively. All this considered, however, his earliest source of inspiration is from comics and the cartoons that came from them. Watching Teen Titans and Justice League led to a comic collection that will never be completed. Nowadays, his favorite comic hero is DC Comics’ Nightwing and favorite comic series is Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples, published by Image Comics. Whenever left with a quiet moment, he takes to writing out every little detail of his currently ongoing Dungeons and Dragons campaign, covering everything from characters and their personalities to entire worlds and their histories. All this has culminated into a fascination with the endless potential for the written word and brought him here today.

Logan Friedman


Logan Friedman daylights as a software engineer and spends his nights vibing and gaming. He’s an amateur writer, video game developer, and board game designer. He’s been writing for about a decade, but has put forth a lot of effort to improve his storytelling skills since joining Characters at Large. “Every line should serve a purpose” and “there is no such thing as a final draft” are two writing mottos he tries to implement into his writing. His personality is made up of his inability to smell, his celiac disease, and his love for children’s trading card games. Ask him about his cat, Bud.

Joel E. Sanchez

Owner, Founder, Publisher, Writer

Characters at Large means something different to everyone involved. Whether it’s to have a shared experience with like-minded individuals or for an opportunity to build something greater than themselves. For Joel E. Sanchez it’s both. Before this all existed, it was just two people: Kenny Fleeger and himself. Meeting first through their school’s marching band in 2012, they became fast friends, sharing multiple interests and passions. They dedicated long nights to letting their imaginations roam wild, which often bled into the following mornings. Experiences like theses filled and nurtured his creative well as he grew older, pushing him to seek new inspirations from various media. Whether it be rated Y-A or MA, he would be there to take it in and learn from it. This allowed him to reach new groups of fans and creators alike. He would introduce them to others he knew, promoting creativity and discussion between everyone. This desire to bring people together is what drives him today.

Zach Sandler


Escaping reality has become a normal, everyday task for Zach Sandler, whether that being getting lost in a video game, a good book, or even editing videos. His all time favorite video game is a smaller known game called Child of Light, developed by Ubisoft Montreal with music composed by Cœur de pirate. This game caused a spark of passion to relight and lead his interests into deeper levels of storytelling, and to do so in unique ways that have not yet been seen. Ever since his childhood, he has always been inspired with animation, which has led to him spending a decent amount of time with a 3d animation program called Blender. He has used to create some starter animations and test images, which he hopes he can soon turn into a full project that not only he is proud of, but the people around him are as well. These days his other free time is spent trying to build a community online with YouTube and Twitch channels, as he has always wanted to build a place where people can feel safe spending their time and sharing ideas with each other to try and expand their own projects. This has all led to where he is today, a writer at Characters at Large hoping to help build a community that he believes everyone involved deserves.

Jonah Skrove

Writer, Social Media and Community Team

Writer, Dungeon Master, Voice Actor and Creator, Jonah Skrove has always had a passion for a good story, and strives to make every work of his unique, emotional, evocative, and impactful. Through his experiences battling cancer, he has learned the strength of positivity and aims to share it with the world through his stories. 

Whilst writing for Characters at Large and helping run their Social Media, he has several projects he pursues on the side, including creating a Dungeons and Dragons system and working on his own Shonen series.

Connor Woodward

Founder, Writer, Director of Live Action

Connor Woodward is a native Texan. He is currently studying Communication Design with an emphasis in User Experience at the University of North Texas. Connor grew up with comics, with his Dad reading them to him before bed when Connor was too young to be able to read the words on the pages. Because of this, Connor’s love for comics has only grown with his age, leading him to pursue comic creation as a way to capture the same magic he felt in the past. Some of his favorite stories in comics include the Ultimate Spider Man comics written by Brian Michael Bendis and the No Mans Land story arc by DC written by Jordan B. Gorfinkle. His favorite characters include Spawn created by Todd McFarlane, Batman Beyond created by Bruce Timm, and Green Arrow created by Mort Weisinger. Over the past few years, Connor has taken up voice acting as a creative outlet, and has lent his talents to many small projects on YouTube. Connor is an experienced writer in the Horror genre, and feels right at home making the reader’s skin crawl.