Vote for your favorite “Heroic Highlight”

What a week, thanks for being here!

Welcome and happy Friday! What a week, right? The time change and the discussion of it by government officials, oh and of course our site event. An interesting week to say the least, especially for us here on the site. It’s been good to see it more active with content and engagement. I’m a data guy, so seeing the website stats through the week has been a treat! Speaking of treats, let’s talk about each entry.

The Entries

Heroism, what a lovely ideal. Each entrant submitted something quite wonderful and honestly quite nerdy, demonstrating that very belief. It was clear to me that each of us had an understanding of our heroic moment of choice, even sharing at times the impact it has on us. We love these moments, characters, and stories and are grateful for the opportunity to have shared.

Now that all three are live, let us put them to a vote.

If the embedding fails to load on the webpage, this link will take you directly where you’ll be voting. The winner will be awarded a $20 Steam gift card. You only get one vote to cast, so please think on it. I’ll announce on Monday the winner, so stay tuned! Before we wrap this up, let me address something real quick

This whole event was a step for us here at Characters at Large again. It’s been a bit and we’ve gathered some dust, but we’re still here. Life happens, but we haven’t truly gone away. We’re aiming to stay active, but under more sustainable methods. The blog has been fun so far and we hope you’ve thought so too! We’ll be sure to bring you more events like this and others in the near future. Ok, let’s close this out.

Come back Monday, ya here?

Yes please do. We’ll be back to our normal schedule with Random Chats and Fabulous Foes. Until then, be well and be safe. We’ll see you soon!

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