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So many places and so little time, right?

Hello and welcome to the beginning of another weekend! We here at Characters at Large are proud to have brought a lovely opportunity to explore some wonderous and at times dangerous worlds in fiction this week. We hope you enjoyed the entries for this event as much we did creating them. Speaking of entries, let’s take a moment to review what the week brought, shall we?

The Entries

Oh the wonder of World Building. It truly is a point that can make or break immersion or interest. We all know of that one game or story that is super cool on the surface, but feels empty once you dive a little deeper. What truly sets something great from something subpar is often how the world is presented to the consumer. Could you imagine what Lord of the Rings or Star Wars would have been like if it took place in the middle of a nondescript plain? So whether it’s the grimdark world or Dark Souls, the high fantasy of Skyrim, the sci-fi future of Mass Effect, or even somehow a combination of all three in Runeterra from League of Legends, we hope you’ve enjoyed looking into some of our favorite worlds from video games!

I’d like to now present you all with our poll:

There’s the link if the site fails to embed the poll. Please note that you’ll only be allowed to vote once, so chose wisely. I’ll announce the selected entry on Monday, 05/30/2022, so stay tuned!

What’s coming next?

Next week we’ll be back with a Random Chat and our three year anniversary! Wowee does time sure fly haha. Be on the lookout for information regarding that and until then, be well and be safe. We’ll talk at you soon!

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