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Heartbreaks for the Holidays?

Hello and welcome to the final weekend before Christmas! We here at Characters at Large are glad to have brought you some heartbreaking moments to experience from the comfort of your screen. Just in time for the holidays too which we’re hoping will be absent of heartbreak for you all! We hope you enjoyed the entries for this event as much we did creating them. Speaking of entries, let’s take a moment to review what the week brought, shall we?

The Entries

Heartbreak and loss seem to go hand-in-hand, almost like a cause and effect. As time passes we’ll all experience loss in some manner throughout our lives, that is guaranteed. Heartbreak is the byproduct of loss, our own unadulterated reaction to our own emotion(s) and experience(s). It can be extreme and yet it too can be overcome. We are resilient and are capable of turning our worse moments into things of higher meaning. What better ways to help us see this than through the stories each entry highlighted. What a wonderous treat!

Now, without further ado, we’d like to present you all with our poll:

There’s the link if the site fails to embed the poll. Please note that you’ll only be allowed to vote once, so chose wisely. We’ll announce the selected entry on Monday, 12/19/2022, so stay tuned!

What’s coming next?

Next week we’ll be back with a Random Chat and more on Jonah’s Top 10 Anime! Until then, be well and be safe. We’ll talk at ya soon!

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