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Hello and welcome to the beginning of the weekend! What a week, right? Our site has been way active this week, a post each weekday was great to look forward to and it showed in the site stats too. We here at Characters at Large appreciate the interest and support you’ve shown on our socials for our “Story Hooked” event. Thank you for the interactions and shares! We’re almost at the end of our event, but before we do let’s review the entries from the week:

The Entries

Story hooks are some of the small moments of magic that stories can offer to us all throughout our lives. As we grow and time becomes fleeting, these moments don’t really escape us. Some will evolve and be at the core of our sources of joy and even inspiration. Each story shared this week is an opportunity to share in something that I would consider intimate to us as a species: a core memory tied to a beloved story. Storytelling, what a wonderful thing. It’s been around long before any of us and is one of the few things we can share with one another, regardless of culture and/or background. Thank you for being here and bearing witness.

I’d like to now present you all with our poll:

There’s the link if the site fails to embed the poll. Please note that you’ll only be allowed to vote once, so chose wisely. I’ll announce the selected entry on Monday, 04/25/2022, so stay tuned!

What’s coming next?

Next week we’ll be back with a Random Chat and more from Jonah over on Fabulous Foes. Until then, be well and be safe. We’ll talk at you soon!

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