Preview of What’s to Come Next Week (12/12/2022)

Hello and welcome all to a quick overview for our next site event. We hoped you all enjoyed our last event, Note The Drop, and thank you for the engagement and general website traffic! It was a simpler topic that enabled us to share some pretty fun examples and sometimes that’s all ya need. So what’s next? Well another site event of course! Allow me to give you a preview for our event next week.

This time around we’ll be taking a look at our favorite heartbreaking moments. Ya know the ones that have you clenching your shirt or anything within arms reach as you ride through the emotions. Whether it be heartbreaking from an audience perspective, the character(s) themselves, or a combination of both, if it makes your heart ache then it can be talked about. Moments like these in media aren’t hard to come by, often times can be quite telegraphed and/or anticipated by an audience. That being said though, a truly emotionally moving moment can be an opportunity to connect with an aspect of oneself that maybe we didn’t know existed. That’s powerful stuff if you ask me and I’m excited to see what our entrants decide to talk about! Now without further ado, allow me to introduce the title for our upcoming event: Touching Tales. Just like that, we’re back to alliterated titles again.

Starting this Monday we’ll debut the entrants a day at a time, ending the week on Friday with our public voting opening up. The goal is to vote for the entry you enjoyed most, it’s that easy!. Everyone only gets one vote so I encourage you to think on it, it’ll stay open throughout the weekend till Sunday at midnight. On 12/19/2022, I’ll be revealing the favorite entry as voted on by you!

We hope you’ll join us next week and if not, that’ll be alright. We hope to continue events like this on our site, with each one providing diversity in topics and shared thoughts. Until then, be well and be safe. We’ll talk at you soon!

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