Preview of What’s to Come Next Week (05/23/2022)

Hello and welcome all to a quick overview for our next site event. The previous entrants and I enjoyed the process of putting together our recent event, Story Hooked, and are ready to bring you all our next one! This time around we’ll be discussing one of the hallmarks of fiction, at least to me, and that’s the world(s) created within our favorite stories. If you look at the ones you adore, you’ll find that many of them exist in places unlike our own world or even sometimes just different enough to allow us to feel somewhere else. There’s numerous worlds across fiction, each offering something different and most of the time unique. At the very least, each serve a purpose and that’s to provide escapism. From Tolkien’s Middle Earth, to Lucas’s tales from long ago in a galaxy far away, to even Rowling’s wizarding world, each craft something worth getting lost in. I’d like to now introduce the title of our next site event: “Worlds Abound.” How fitting!

Originally we were going to have five different entries, but that has now been reduced to four. Regardless, we’re looking forward to sharing each of our thoughts! Starting this Monday we’ll debut the entrants a day at a time, ending on Friday with our public voting opening up. The goal is to vote for the entry you enjoyed most, it’s that easy!. Everyone only gets one vote so I encourage you to think on it, It’ll stay open throughout the weekend till Sunday at midnight. On 05/30/2022, I’ll be revealing the favorite entry as voted on by you! Pretty rad, I know, it’s still the power of the internet at our fingertips.

We hope you’ll join us next week and if not, that’ll be alright. We hope this to be one of many more for the site, with each one providing diversity in topics and shared thoughts. Until then, be well and be safe!

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