Preview of What’s to Come Next Week (04/18/2022)

Hello and welcome all to a quick overview for our next site event. The previous entrants and I enjoyed the process of putting together our first event, Heroic Highlights, and are ready to bring you all our next one! This time around we’ll be discussing the times in which a story hooked us in. We’re talking about having us all the way to the end, not letting go. Moments like these can be found throughout our lifetime(s) and I believe they can be found at the core of our favorite experiences. That’s just neat and speaking of, the title for our event is “Story Hooked,” how fitting! This time we’ll be enjoying four different entries for the topic and we’re looking forward to sharing their thoughts. Starting this Monday we’ll debut the entrants a day at a time, ending on Friday with our public voting opening up. The goal is to vote for the entry you enjoyed most, it’s that easy!. Everyone only gets one vote so I encourage you to think on it, It’ll stay open throughout the weekend till Sunday at midnight. On 04/25/2022, I’ll revealing the favorite entry as voted on by you! Pretty rad, I know, it’s the power of the internet.

We hope you’ll join us next week and if not, that’ll be alright. We hope this to be one of many for the site, with each one providing diversity in topics and shared thoughts. Until then, be well and be safe!

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