Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – When Spotify’s Discovery Playlist Brings The Goods #2

Happy Wednesday to everyone! I hope you enjoyed the long weekend and that the current week is flying by. I know my weekend came and went before I knew it, sigh. Anyhow, how’re are ya now? I’m doing not so bad and honestly don’t have much to share as of now. Well, that’s not inherently true. Katie, one of our friends and I have planned a weekend trip for the last weekend of this month to go see Sammy Rae & The Friends perform in our home state. It’ll be our friends first time seeing them, but Katie and I’s second time. If you recall, we went and saw them back in June while we were visiting the state of Connecticut. That was a good time and likely will be just as good if not better than the first! Looking forward to that in a few weeks. Anyhow, that’s really it. It’s a Wednesday Edition of HYGAS which I guess means music recommendations for ya. So if you got a second, let me share what my Spotify Discovery Playlist brought me over the past ~ two weeks. Let’s get into it!

Let’s Talk About Music

from the EP, Phobos IV (2021)

This song honestly rocks as hard I suspected a surfboard wizard would haha. I’ve heard some music from Lord Phobos before a few years back. I didn’t catch my attention as well then, probably because I didn’t have a clear sense of knowing what I enjoyed when it came to listening to music. Now though, I’m having a great time. Fun fact: while listening to this song, I imagine the Silver Surfer riding his board through the cosmos while this is incidentally playing in the background. Rad, ain’t it?

single from 2020

This sounds like a hybrid between Muzak for like a phone line that’s meant for people on hold and like some nice cafe’s ambient music. Kinda whack, but I dig it! What’s Muzak? It’s essentially audio made to be background music for places like retail stores and other public establishments. I’ve never played de Blob before so I really don’t know how fitting this track is for the game. For as far as I know, it could be a seamless pairing and gem of an experience waiting for all of us. What do you think? It definitely is a Muzak-ish jam!

from the album, Nothing Much Better To Do (2017)

This may be the most unique of the songs I’ll recommend in this post. It’s a song sang by two individuals and conveys more emotion than I would of anticipated. It’s akin to a love song, but doesn’t present as one which I find neat. It has Jazz progressions with an electric bass line that’s riffing in the background as the strings section swells and descends with the entrances and exits of the vocalists. It’s like the vocalists are singing to each other which I find pretty neat. Good stuff with this track!

from the album, Seeds (2020)

So have you ever heard of a genre of music called Prog Jazz? Well, according to Spotify, this group and song can be classified as such. According to them, Prog Jazz is a “progressive fusion of jazz, rock and avant-garde.” There’s elements commonly heard in the genre of Math Rock too. After listening to this song a few times, I understand the classification. What do you think? This song reminds me of another group I enjoy called fox capture plan. I recommend them if you enjoyed this song enough to go exploring for more like it!

single from 2018

This song instills similar feelings to the first song in the list, Surfboard Wizard. It conveys some heightened emotion(s) that are a bit vague, but become less so as the song kicks in. I won’t deny that part of my enjoyment of this song is more or less the art for the single. It’s definitely not just the risque image of a woman smoke a cigarette. I’ll have to look into who designed the image to see what their other work is like. What about the actual song though? I don’t know, it kinda just flows and it’s an easy listen. Not much else to say about it. What do you think?


Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed the recommendations I curated for ya. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and/or on our social media. Let’s have a discussion! Until then, I’m gonna go now and listen to Swimmer by Tennis again for the umpteenth time. Be well and be safe, talk at ya soon.

Jake would probably love Swimmer too

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