Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – UPDATE

I’m taking somewhat of a break

Hey, how’s it going? Good? Great! Bad? That’s ok, it happens. Thank you for being here to see what this update is about. Well, like the heading above states, I’ll be taking somewhat of a break from my column. Why? Well I’ve been becoming busier in my life and I’ve been noticing that I haven’t been spending too much time thinking about much else aside from what’s in front of me, which includes developing my thoughts for a new post each week. I’d rather not force these things out of me, that’s no fun and it’ll contribute to burnout. I still enjoy scribing my thoughts down here on our site and plan on continuing to do so, just intermittingly for the time being. I want to give myself time to unclutter, which means completing my move and settling into a new routine. I’m not going dark, you’ll hear from me between now and then. Please feel free to check out the small collection of posts I’ve made so far and if you grow tired of me, check out posts made by Jonah Skrove and Connor Woodward! So yea, that’s it for now. I did prepare a fun comic moment to leave you with, may it keep you content until next time. Be well and be safe, I’ll speak at you soon!

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