Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – Tunes for a Wednesday

Hello everyone and welcome to this Wednesday edition of HYGAS! Hope the week has been alright for ya, it’s been alright for me. I’m a few days away from Katie and I’s anniversary trip to Connecticut so that’s pretty neat. We have a weekend of coastal breezes, beer and wonderful music ahead of us. If I’m being honest, I’m very much looking forward to being able to listen to Sammy Rae & The Friends live. I’ve seen several videos of their live performances and have been eagerly awaiting this. I just know it’ll be a great time! Speaking of music, I’ve curated a few songs to share with you all here on this Wednesday of Wednesdays. Enjoy my lightly written thoughts about each too. How about that? Of course this time around you’ll need not only a second, but several haha. Wednesdays, what can I tell ya? Anyhow, I’ll talk at you soon. Be well, be safe and enjoy the music!

from the album, Scary Goldings (2018)

This song has a very bouncy feel to it. Plus there’s a harmonica, how cool is that? You don’t hear that every day outside of a Billy Joel song, at least I don’t. Fun fact: this is another thing that CEO of Patreon, Jack Conte, has had a hand in musically. The man is an inspiration to me. If you don’t know who he is or his story, consider looking into him.

single released in 2021

I love the transitions in this song. It’s kinda weird and grooves hard, I can’t help but bob my head along to it. A nice treat by the trio of ‘multigrain babes’ from Minnesota (check their Spotify bio).

1995 remaster of LIVE at Montreux Festival (1980)

I heckin’ love Japanese jazz fusion. If I could go back in time to any era of human history, it would be 80s to early 90s Japan. Those performances have always looked like an incredible time to me and I honestly bet they were more than that. Can’t get enough Japanese jazz fusion, expect more in the future.

from the album, Pottery Pie (1970)

This sounds like it was made in someone’s basement and I mean that in a loving way, honestly. There’s left in stutters and breaks, which work together to create something with an odd feel that I’ve found myself fond of. How about that out of no where bass? What fun!

single released in 2021
I also struggled to beat this level as a kid

You know what’s fun? Covers of songs. You know what covers of video game songs get ya? Often really sick shiz, like this cover of one of the many great tracks from the Sonic series of games. The pulse of the rhythm sections mixed with the coloring of the horns helps to recreate the song into its own.

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