Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – Tunes for a Wednesday #2

Hey there, fancy meeting you here. Happy Wednesday to you all! I don’t know about you but I’m not feeling physically well today. It’s mighty unfortunate that I haven’t been obtaining enough rest over these past five days or so. It sucks honestly, but it happens. So far this week hasn’t been all bad thankfully. I’ve been house sitting for my older sister and her fiancé as they take a ten day camping trip which means being responsible for an aging toy rat terrier and a small family of bunnies. They’ve been fun to spend time with up until it’s time for me head out. I kid you not, it turns into rabbit season where I have to hunt down the bunnies to get them into their pens. It’s taken upwards of about thirty minutes, but I’m getting better at wrangling them up. At least I certainly hope so. Anyhow, fortunately enough between my lack of sleep and splitting my time between my apartment and their home, I was able to construct a post for you this week, albeit smaller in content than usual. I hope that’s alright with you all. If it is and you have a second, let me share some tunes for your Wednesday. Let’s get into it.

Give these a listen!

from the album, Lupin the Third Original Soundtrack (1978)
from the album, Ain’t But The One Way (1983)
from the album, Inside Voice (2018)
from the album, Who Are You Now (2019)
single from 2022

I’ll be back soon!

Thanks again for stopping by. Sorry if a song or two had already been shared, if anything it highlights the quality haha. So for next week It’s only fair you know that I’ve set up someone to fill in on the column. What will they talk about? That’s a secret (it’s not, I just don’t know). Give them your best as I know they’ll give theirs. Until next time, be well and be safe. Talk at ya soon!

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