Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – So We Adopted Some Dogs

Happy Monday to ya and welcome to another HYGAS. How’re ya now? I hope you had your fill of family and food, I know I have. So real quick, I have news to share: Katie and I after a couple months of simmering and prepping we’ve decided to adopt our first dogs! It’s a momentous time in our home as the four of us acclimate to the change, so far so good. I’d like to share some photos and general details with you all so this will be a shorter post than usual. Come spare a few seconds and meet our canine companions.

The Princess and the Stump

So here’s the skinny: Katie mentioned to me about a month ago or so that the Humane Society of Dallas County (HSDC) was hosting an event at one of the restaurants under the company she works for the weekend after Thanksgiving. By this point we as a couple had already been discussing adopting an animal for several weeks and felt mostly aligned, so an event like this was a fun way to try to get things rolling to see if it was something we wanted. We agreed to attend the event together and put it into our calendar. So, about a week ago I became curious and decided to look up the HSDC, also known as Dog and Kitty City, and came across the profiles of two dogs: Princess and Stump. These two apparently came as a set having had the same previous owner. After reading through their pages numerous times and discussing it with my teammates at work, I sent them to Katie. She of course didn’t question my ability to find a pair of dogs and entertained the idea with me. We ended up submitting an adoption application for them both and heard back the day after Thanksgiving wanting to schedule a meet and greet with them. The date was then set for the next day and one thing led to another…

So the golden one is Princess, a six year old female Australian Cattle Dog Mix and the other is Stump, a seven year old female Blue Heeler Mix. Some say they’re the same breed, I honestly don’t know and would welcome someone to enlighten me. Anyhow, they’ve both been patient and understanding with Katie and I as we plan a routine for the four of us to adhere to. Wish us the best and I’ll be sure to share moments and general updates as they come up.

So yea that’s the news. I’m so thankful for Katie and to be able to share this experience with her. This is a ‘leap of faith’ for her as she’s let me know and I feel grateful for the trust she has in us to succeed. Much love to her. Thanks for coming by again and learning about our decision to adopt and not shop. Until next week, be well and be safe, I’ll talk at ya soon.

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