Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – So I moved, now what?

Welcome to more life

Hey there, it’s been sometime since we’ve chatted. We went about our lives and hopefully things have been well. For me it was mostly just passing time. Not a state of being that I’d prefer and that’s stating it plainly. All I’ll say is that I’m happy the move is nearly completed. It’s come together quite well so far and is about 90% of the way there. I’ll share photos once those finishing touches are in place, pinky promise. I will let you know that it’s gushing with the shared love for art that Katie and I have. For now though let’s chat about something, I promise it’ll only take a second. You’ll be on your way soon enough. Let’s get into it.

The next site event

We’re nearing the start of our next event here on our site. Our topic? Well I won’t say yet until this coming Friday, but I’ll give you a hint. It’s one of the key reasons as to why I love fiction. If you know, you’re cute. This time around there’s five of us, what a treat! To know more, tune back in this Friday (05/20/2022) to get the rundown. So yea, that’s about it. I’m very much looking forward to reading what’s submitted as always. It’s a delight to be able to read what my peers feel passionate enough to write about. Fun fact: I’ve proofed every single post that’s been put on our site. Anyhow, let’s wrap this post up.

See ya next week!

Whatever happens this week be well and find peace. I’ll try my best to do the same. With a new place now comes just more life, ya know? At least now it’ll include more of what I’ve grown to love and enjoy. Cheers to that! Speaking of, I’ve come to really enjoy a jazz fusion quartet by the name of Lydian Collective and want to leave you with a song of theirs. I hope you enjoy! Until next time, talk at you soon.

from the album, Adventure (2018)

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