Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – Results for “Touching Tales” and some random chats

And the winner is…

Wowee, another tie! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the experience and a big thanks again to ConnorJonah and K Deutsch for contributing to the topic. And with that our Seventh event has officially concluded! What did you think? Let us know your thoughts on our socials and/or site, we’d like to do this again and your words can help improve future events as always.

Now that I’ve let you all know who the winners are, let’s get into a quick chat and then we can both be on our way.

Winding down for the holidays

Hey there and happy holidays to ya! How’re ya now? We’re in the final stretch before Christmas and I’m certainly ready for the down time. It’s been a year, what can I say? I’m looking forward to sleeping till 10am and hanging out with Katie and the girls. It’ll be a simple time and I can’t wait! So till then what do we have going on here? Well to start, HYGAS has been running for just over a year now. That’s pretty cool if I’m being honest. What’s really neat is that some of the other creators within Characters at Large had enough interest on their own to come on by and randomly chat. Shout out to Kenny and Connor for giving the column a shot when asked and even asking to come back on their own. You proved the concept with me and for that I love you. Now on a more personal note: I’m glad I’ve been able to maintain this column for this long and improve it with the feedback I’ve received over this first year. I said it back a few weeks ago when I noted the site’s blog received it’s 100th post and I’ll say it again: It may not be much to some right now, but it’s proof that we’re doing something and doing it consistently, and that’s enough for me. I’ve been doing something and doing it (somewhat) consistently, and I plan to continue. Not only that, I want to figure out new ways of bringing you all random chats and improving the quality of them overall. Maybe if I hid a stride even multiple posts a week of some kind? We’ll just have to see what the new year brings us and for now that’ll be it from me. Come back next week to read about my favorite pieces of media that I experienced this year and a send off into 2023. Until then, be well and be safe, I’ll talk at ya real soon.

from the album, Giant Steps (1973)

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