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And the winner is…

No tie this time around! I hope you’ve all enjoyed the experience and a big thanks again to Jonah and Connor for contributing to the topic with me. And with that our sixth event has officially concluded! What did you think? Let us know your thoughts on our socials and/or site, we’d like to do this again and your words can help improve future events as always.

Now that I’ve let you all know who the winners are, let’s get into a quick chat and then we can both be on our way.

Twenty Comics To Get To Know Me

Hey there reader, glad to see you’ve stuck around. What did ya think of our event from last week? It was a fun topic and definitely one worth revisiting. Speaking of, is there a topic you’d like to see again, perhaps one where you could see yourself wanting to submit your own thoughts for? You’ll have to let me know in the comments and/or on our socials, it’d be fun to read what you have to say and to see it alongside my own! Anyhow what are we talking about today? ‘Twenty Comics To Get To Know Me’, alright we can do that. Could be nice and also an easy way for me to share a closer look into my world of comics. So what do you think? Do you got a second cause if so let me tell ya a bit about these books.

So some context: I saw this trend this past week on the comics forum I frequent, the League of Comic Geeks. What is this forum? The League of Comic Geeks is an internet comics forum I stumbled across about 2-3 years ago around the time I started buying weekly comics. I honestly love what it has to offer its users and here are some of the things that stand out:

  • A community driven database of comics of all kinds and editions so that I can document what I own, read, or want
  • Stats for my collection
  • Community lists
  • Reviews
  • Discussion boards
  • Pull list with export option
  • Variant cover previews
  • and of course the league members themselves

Needless to say, I’m on this site daily and even have the app. About midweek last week a user by the name of JoeLovesComics introduced a trend that he saw on Twitter. The goal is to share twenty comics that help someone get to know you. Pretty simple and a very neat way for a community to create further bonds. I’ve enjoyed reading all the lists people have made so far and even found some new books to add to my wish list. Wins all around! I become so enthused by the trend that I made my own list for the League and wanted to share it with you all here too.


Unfortunately I’ll have to show you screen shots of the list since I’m not sure how to embedded the link into the webpage so you could interact with it within this post. If something stands out to you please click on the link above and take a closer look at the information for the book(s)!

So a few ones I want to highlight: The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes, Saga, and House of X/Powers of X. When I was elementary school age I had an aunt who my family and I would visit out of state. Since she lived out of state it would mean a few specific things: bagels, movies, and those comics. She had these paperback collections of Calvin and Hobbes comics and I remember flipping through them each time we visited. This was my first exposure to the medium and I couldn’t of asked for a better experience. At some point my aunt sent me my own paperback collection of Calvin and Hobbes comics, the The Indispensable Calvin and Hobbes, the first comic book in my collection. Good memories, thanks Tía!

Next is Saga, otherwise known as the only book series of any kind to sweep through my life and social circle(s). It was a grand ol’ time back in 2018-2019, I had two of my close friends raving about how good the series was that they eventually just started loaning me their trade paperbacks so that I could start reading. I became hooked pretty quickly and started spreading the good word about the series to some of my other friends and loved ones too. At this point I’ve gifted volume one of the series numerous times to people so they could try it out. To this day I haven’t had a comic impact my social circles as greatly as Saga had, really says something if you ask me.

Lastly there’s House of X/Powers of X, the reason I started buying weekly comics. Back in 2019 I started seeing previews for these two intertwined mini-series on a comic news site I frequently checked out. The goal was simple: unite different eras of X-Men fans under a new initiative for the franchise. Being the fan of Marvel’s mutants that I am, I was beyond intrigued by the premise that I visited my local comic store the week it started and created my very first pull list with them to not miss an issue. This series not only got me into weekly buying but also allowed me to have something to talk about with the staff each week when I went into the store to pick up the newest issue. It was a great twelve weeks of awesome comics and conversations, I miss those days. These two series also exposed me to variant covers of which I grabbed a few, here are two of my favorites:

So yea, ‘Twenty Comics To Get To Know Me’, there ya go. Let’s wrap this up.

What did you think?

I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about my relationship and history with comics. If anything it was just a fun opportunity for me to look back, ya know? If you’d like to take a look through my collection and/or my profile in general, click here! Let me know your thoughts if you have any and until then, be well and be safe, talk at ya soon.

from the EP, Seeds They Grow (2017)

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