Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – Recent Television and Music Album Recommendations

Howdy! Glad to see you back around these parts. Come on in and make yourself comfortable. How is everything? Have you been enjoying the Summer so far? Hopefully it hasn’t been too hot for ya. I heard that there are unprecedented rising temperatures popping up in unexpected places other than Texas. If it’s like it is here, then yikes because it kinda sucks. Stay hydrated and wear some darn sunscreen! Don’t be a ninny, get burned and then still not learn their lesson. Be better than that. That concludes the PSA, hopefully it’ll save someone for playing themselves a fool. Hopefully. Anyhow, if you gotta a second I’d like to share a few pieces of media that I’ve recently enjoyed. It’s a mix of television and music albums, a small treat for those interested. It’ll be a quick overview, at least that’s what I’m planning from where I am in creating this post. Let’s get into things.

Recent Television Recommendation

created by Christopher Storer, produced by FX Productions

My initial interest for this show came from my familiarity with the lead actor, Jeremy Allen White. I first came across him as Philip ‘Lip” Gallagher, one of the many characters in Showtime’s comedy-drama, Shameless. I guess the actor has a fondness for Chicago because both Shameless and FX’s, The Bear, take place primarily in and around the windy city. What can I say about The Bear? The show is about a really hecking good chef named Carmy who’s trying to turn around his family’s restaurant, The Original Beef of Chicagoland, after his brother ends his life and leaves it to him. Heavy stuff, right? This show handles the matter and things around it with such honesty that I felt myself moved emotionally often.

Here’s the deal though, most of the show takes place within the restaurant, specifically the kitchen. Ya know what, a kitchen is a very small space to be mixing personalities and backgrounds into. Over this first season we’re shown how that mixing can change those involved; for better or worse. When things get heated in all senses of the word there’s little space to breath and man do things become tense. A theme present in this show is how being receptive to opportunities for growth can enable you to grow higher than alone. It’s too easy to hunker down and stagnate, especially when dealing with trauma. It doesn’t even need to be trauma either, it can just be naivety really. We CAN and often ARE the reason we fall short. Real shiz. Another worthwhile thing to mention is that it makes great use of the camera to engage an audience into a given scene. Whether it’s shots of food or someone talking about food, the camera does well to make us feel like we’re there to experience it as a staff member in the kitchen. Isn’t that neat?

So yea, check out the first season of The Bear on Hulu and let me know what you think! Moving on now to my music album recommendations.

Recent Music Recommendations

Creatures of Habit, released in 2019

This a really fun Latin-American folk album by a group called Kiltro. I’ve known of them for over two years now since discovering their song, The Drunk, from this very album. Their blend of American Folk with Latin instrumentation and composition had created a very unique feel and identity. I can’t say I’ve heard anything like it before. If you have, please let me know because this was great!

Beyond The Sun, released in 2015

What can I say, I love funk and I appreciate Soul as well. I stumbled across the song, People Beyond The Sun, from this very album last week from my all too fruitful Spotify Discovery Playlist. According to ORGŌNE‘s Spotify bio, they’re pretty well regarded in their scene. I can see why and they’ve impressed me with this album and I look forward to taking a listen to more of their discography in the future.

Ovall, released in 2019

I came across this album similarly to the album mentioned prior. It was specifically the song Dark Gold, I found it to be a solid listen and reminded me another group called Huntertones. They’re awesome and you should check them and Ovall out! More about Ovall though, they have a laid back feel and seem to incorporate elements of jazz, soul, and hip-hop into their music. That’s not an usual combination to me so they’re a welcome addition! Yea I don’t have much else to say about the album. Just easy music to listen to in my humble onion.

Let’s go ahead and wrap this up so we can get ya outta here.

Thanks for stopping by!

It was fun to share some of the media I’ve enjoyed recently and I hope you enjoyed the experience. If you do end up checking out anything I mentioned, please let me know! Until next time, be well and be safe. Talk at ya soon!

p.s. – take a look at this comic cover. It’s ‘phone wallpaper’ worthy if you ask me.

stunning cover by Bruno Redondo for Nightwing #97

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