Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – New Site, Mass Effect, and Bagels

Moving forward and stuff

Hello and welcome back to another week of random chats and/or ramblings from yours truly. I hope last week went well enough for you. If not, well there’s probably a reason for that, may want to look into it. As for how things were for me, I had my anniversaries with my Long Term Girlfriend and Characters at Large to celebrate. To keep it plain, they went well enough, I’m just not great at navigating events like these so I try to manage my expectations. How do you manage things that are pretty endogenous? By trying, it’s about all I’ve figured out so far. If you know more than that, feel free to let me know. Thanks! Anyhow, there’s not too much that I have to chat about this time around. Essentially I’m just biding my time until Katie and I’s anniversary trip happens in less than two weeks. I won’t be up to much until then. Probably. So I guess without further ado, if you’ve got a second, let’s get into it.

So how about the new site look, eh?

new Characters at Large logo, what do you think?

Last week Characters at Large turned three years old and with it we updated our logo and site theme. I’ve been wanting to do this for about a year now, but wasn’t sure on how to go about it and it just sat there in the back of mind. I figured to commemorate our third year, why not figure it out? With our third year now at a close and our fourth underway, this new look I hope can help us to feel like we’ve grown and changed. What do you think? Connor put it well during our most recent Founder’s meeting, stating that what we have now feels like a “playful professional.” I’d have to agree and it also represents our roots as a group. Some of us may not default to being professional all the time, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t know what’s going on or care. Usually. Same for the other side, some may be tense or serious more often, but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of having fun. Sometimes. It’s what makes us human and to have our likeness transition to something that more or less represents us on a fundamental level is pretty great. I’d even go as far as to say that it’s outright neat. I hope you enjoy the new feel of Characters at Large and we hope we can do well by it!

What else happened this week?

I started my first playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy on the insanity difficulty as well as full Renegade while refusing to use alien crewmates. It’s been interesting seeing some of the narrative paths that open through playing a renegade and especially through being what is essentially a space racist. I will not be making friends with anyone and that’s alright, the galaxy needs saving and I’m the man for the job. As of writing this post, I’m about 80% of the way through the first installment and have not lost my cool yet. It’s honestly not too frustrating at times since the rules of the difficulty are pretty rigid, thus easy to learn and adjust to with each mission. I’ll have to update you all as I venture further into the trilogy and see just how screwed I can become. Oh boy! More on this in the future.

Saren’s forces coming to beat my ass

What else? Well, um, I had a pretty good bagel from a local NY deli and bagel shop. It was my first time going to this place, I drive past it everyday on my way into work and it honestly took me going in to grab some bagels for the staff at my place of work this past Friday to finally try it out. I heckin’ like bagels a good deal, easily top three baked goods for breakfast time. This place made a pretty mean bagel and will be trying to make a return trip as soon as I’m able! Do you like bagels? What are your favorite baked goods, breakfast and/or otherwise? Don’t like bagels? That’s fine, it’s nothing worth quarreling over. Let’s wrap this post up.

See ya next week!

Well that’s all I have for you this week. Thanks for taking a second to have a chat, I hope you enjoyed it! Next week I’ll be back for more random chatting. What about? I don’t know yet, that’s not really how this works. Anyhow, until then, be well and be safe. Here’s another song recommendation for ya too. Take care!

from the album, Obviously (2021)

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