Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – MultiVersus Open Beta Shenanigans

Hey there everyone, how’s it going? I hope well! It’s the middle of the week and thank goodness, it’s felt like these Summer weeks have just kept getting longer and longer. It wouldn’t be a problem if I were still in school and also not working a job. Unfortunately though I’m a post-university twenty somethin’ who does work a steady job, so those days are behind me. I hope you’ve been enjoying the Summer at least! Anyhow, what am I chatting about this week? More music recommendations? Not this time, though I recognize that it would of been a third time in a row of me doing so on a Wednesday. Hmm, I was thinking of randomly chatting over this fun new entry into the fighting game genre. A game that I’ve had the pleasure of playtesting for the past nine months or so and has recently had its first Open Beta launch last week. What is it? Well if you’re really asking, shame on you because I had it in the title. It’s MultiVersus! If you got a second, I’ll tell you a bit about the game AND even share some clips of me playing my current favorite character. C’mon, it’ll be worth it! Let’s get into it.

What is MultiVersus?

MultiVersus is a platform fighter akin to the likes of the Super Smash Bros. franchise, who if you didn’t know is largely responsible for popularizing the subgenre. Don’t let that comparison fool ya for a second though! MultiVersus was built from the ground up as its own game and specifically one built around 2v2 gameplay. The developers at Player First Games have put a ton effort into putting together a cast of some of the biggest properties Warner Media has access to. For reference, here’s the current roster:

Rooster as of the start of the Open Beta

Even Lebron James, arguably the best Basketball player of all time, is in this game. You may be wondering why and to that I’ll provide you a simple answer: Space Jam: A New Legacy. That movie may not have performed well, but at least he can shine in this game! He’s not the only character that shines too, the majority of the cast does well to stand out on their own, for both better and worse.

That’s just the way it is with fighting games, balance only lasts until someone eventually does something completely nutty with a character and then everyone and their mum replicates it online. Don’t let that deter you though, I pinky promise that this game is accessible and not because it’s FREE TO PLAY either. It also has cross play AND cross progression, plus rollback netcode. What does that mean? Simply put, you have more ways to play and whom you can play with, all while not compromising your gameplay experience. The devs have also built systems into the game to aid players in acclimating too. Take it from someone who isn’t particularly good at platform fighters, this game has enabled me to feel like I’m actually competent. So much so that I believe I’m actually becoming decent after the 50+ matches I’ve played. Ahh, imagine actually becoming better at a fighting game in the current year haha.

Which character(s) do I enjoy playing? Well instead of telling you, why don’t I just show you :).

Here comes the clips!

So it’s obvious, I like playing Wonder Woman and play her in every clip shown in this post.

*mmm* the good shtuff #1
*mmm* the good shtuff #2
Amazonian doink #1
Amazonian doink #2

That’s all folks! (for now)

So what do you think of MultiVersus? Don’t feel like you really understand the game? Well I have a solution for that: join in on the fun! The Open Beta is now live on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC! If you end up pulling off something nasty, share it with me here and/or on our socials, I’d love to see it. I haven’t had this much consistent fun with a fighting game since I started playing Tekken 7 with Connor during the beginning of COVID. Ya know, him and I haven’t played in a HOT minute. I should reach out and see if he’d be interested in doing so. For now though, I’m going to head on out, but before I go I’d like to share one last clip. It’s from a LAN tourney fellow Characters at Large member, Zach, hosted and streamed on his YouTube channel this past Sunday. Though he pushed my shiz in pretty consistently as an opponent, at least I got a set winning knockout on ’em. Thanks again to Zach and everyone else for being a part of the experience! Until next time, be well and be safe, I’ll talk at ya soon.

In case the embedder fails: https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkx4EQBqc9RmXjDPrxCbVDyHvkROVAuT1gA

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