Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – Joel’s “Top Heroes” List

A new year and more possibilities

So I guess we’re in a new year again, huh? It only felt like yesterday when 2021 kicked down my door, held me up against the wall by the collar and whispered into my ear, “you ain’t seen nothing yet.” Nothing’s been quite the same since, much like entering the spring of 2020, ha. Ongoing world changing event(s) aside, being in 2022 is a reminder that things are still moving on and I’ll try to do the same. Speaking of, there’s something I need to address real quick:


Definitely embarrassing, but what are you gonna do? I’ll do better or at least try, I didn’t realize that our auto posting plug-in for the site was compressing the images to our posts. Unfortunately, because of the way Twitter works, this will have to stay up and I’ll just have to hope that no one important sees it. Anyway, let me just get to telling you what this week’s post is about out since it’s a short one. So, do you have a second because we’re about to start and I saved you a seat!

The beginning of my evolving “Top Heroes” List

What I’ve usually enjoyed about the early parts of the new year is the raw energy present and with it an opportunity to start something new. In the past its been something like exercising and eating healthier, which I’ve had mixed success with over the years, paired with more obtainable goals like increasing the quality of my social interactions and reading more often. You may not be questioning how something as complex as increasing the quality of one’s social interactions could be more obtainable than exercising and eating healthier immediately and that’s alright, don’t. It’s not the time and place for it, trust me. This year I have an opportunity to do something different with my life thanks to this column and in celebration I want to start something “unique” for it. This post will mark the introduction to my very own “Top Heroes” list for the site! An “original” concept that I think will be a fun ongoing discussion. How this’ll function is pretty simple: I’ll provide the heroes on my list in alphabetical order and each week I’ll talk about a new entry until everyone is covered. I’ll address major points for the character like a brief coverage of their origin, history, power/abilities, and why I like them. This’ll be an evolving list, like the header stated, meaning that new entries can be added over time as I become more invested in different characters. It won’t happen with any real frequency, just wanted to give a heads up ’cause my opinion most certainly can change. I’ll be updating this post with redirections to each new one, with each image of the character down below having an embedded link to redirect to their appropriate post for ease of access. Now, let me introduce you to the heroes on my list:

  • Scott Summers, A.K.A Cyclops, leader of the X-Men and Captain Commander of the island nation of Krakoa
  • Matt Murdock, A.K.A Daredevil, the Man Without Fear
  • Izuku Midoriya, A.K.A Deku, 9th wielder of One For All
  • Tony Stark, A.K.A Iron Man, the Armored Avenger
  • Richard Rider, A.K.A Nova, the Human Rocket and savior of the Nova Corps
  • Katherine (Kate) Pryde, A.K.A Shadowcat, former Headmistress of the Jean Grey School and Red Queen of the Hellfire Trading Co.
  • Norrin Radd, A.K.A. Silver Surfer, Herald of Galactus and Cosmic Wanderer
  • Peter Parker, A.K.A Spider-Man, the friendly neighborhood web-head of NYC

Each of these characters has had its own place in my heart for years, decades even. I’m looking forward to telling you all why over these comings weeks and to enlighten those who who aren’t as familiar. Follow along, you may learn something! Until then, be well, be safe, and most importantly be kind to one another. If not, then I’ll haunt your subconscious. Every time you do something wrong you’ll hear a nagging voice and that voice will be mine telling you that you suck. Yea, I can be mean, what of it? Do your part, take care!

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