1 thought on "Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – HYGAS #52"

  1. Hey man I’m glad to finally hear from you again! Huge congrats on getting a full time job again while also getting back into the swing of things. I funny enough thought about CAL this morning on ny way to work and didn’t realize it was the 5 year anniversary. I have not been a huge part of CAL for a long time now but if you ever decide to keep at it, I would love to still help out where I can.

    CAL was a massive goal and it has had a few missteps, but the only thing stopping it from realizing the original goal is YOU and the other founders. I would take a long look at what you truly want to do with CAL and if it’s to archive the site and move on, do so knowing that you’ve brought many experiences to those that worked on projects internally and they will always be grateful. You managed to put out 2 comics and that’s more than others have done. May not seem like a lot but that’s a success. If you decide you wanna keep at it, then I say go full in and get others back at it besides just H.Y.G.A.S

    All in all I’m glad you’re doing better and it’s nice to see you back at it. Building something out of nothing takes a lot of work and luck. But I know you guys have the work in you to get it done.

    Have a good one.

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