Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – Friends working on their passions

Independence and all that jazz

Hey there, I guess it’s the 4th and the season of pyrotechnics again isn’t it? Ya know even as I’m writing this there are scatterings of muted explosions that can be heard from my desk. Not a fan if I’m being honest but it’ll end at some point, right? Anyhow, do you have plans today? Does it involve water and a grill? It’s a pretty well known play so why not, right? We’ll go ahead and stop with the rhetorical questions and get into today’s post. It’ll be brief since I bet most of you have things to do today. If you’re reading this on some other day, well enjoy it all the same. So if you got a second you may be able to experience something pretty neat. Let’s get into it.

Being a creator in the modern day

The process of creating an idea and then realizing it is no small feat. It’s not something to be taken for granted and I’m quite serious when I say that. Ya know in an ideal setting, each idea would develop over whatever time needed. What we have in reality is consumerist tendencies and this of course drives creators to churn their ideas to stay relevant. Sometimes it pans out alright, but that’s just one perspective. What about the creator, what do they think of their work? Maybe they weren’t ready for it to come out yet but did it anyway or on the opposite end doesn’t care and/or stay attached because of X reasons. All things being equal, I don’t think it needs to be this way. Sure, maybe a decade or more ago there wasn’t that much ‘content’ to go around. There sure is now and we all know it. Some even state that it’s too much. Imagine that? Is this a good thing? It very well could be and ya know why? We could take our time with our ideas. I mean come on why not, right? What’s important is that any idea gets to a state of ‘realized’, ya know?

Go watch Letterkenny and Shoresy, they’re great shows!

For now, I’m gonna leave this topic where it is since I don’t want to go on my soapbox. Plus, I feel I should just move onto arguably the more important thing I want to share. So let’s do that, shall we?

Look at what my friend made!

Yea so, my friend Kevin Moseni released a single this past Friday and I think it’s important to support your friends passions, so I’m going to go ahead and leave this here for ya and skedaddle. Next week I’ll be a part of another site event so we’ll be back to random chatting in two weeks. For more on the event, come back on Friday and I’ll tell ya about it. Till then, be well and be safe out there. Farewell.

single from 2022

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