Hey, You Got a Second?: A Series of Random Chats – Care for some Tennis?

Hey there, glad to see ya made it! Happy Wednesday to ya. How are ya now? Not so bad myself. Are you here for some Tennis? What’s that, you don’t know if I’m talking about the sport or not? Well if you have second I can clear that up for ya. Why don’t you grab your favorite pair of earbuds or headphones and pull up a chair. All set? Let’s get into it.


I’ll make this quick: Jonah and I are going to be collaborating on our posts for next week. What for? We wanted to try something out for the site so this is us doing just that. We’ll be somewhat debating the topic of live action adaptations (we’re talking any medium to live action) with one taking a stance for and the other against. We’ll come together with a special joint entry on Wednesday August 31st, 2022 to wrap things up. So join us next week on the site for all that! Now, let’s get back to Tennis.

Some Retro Pop for your Wednesday

Swimmer, released in 2020

So I stumbled across Tennis through my Spotify Discovery playlist when they recommended me the song Need Your Love earlier this month. It caught me as a fun Retro Pop song and honestly that was pretty much it. I didn’t really repeat listen to it all that much, hell I even skipped it a few times. What honestly brought me to listen to any more of their music was watching Matt Berry express his love for the duo in a YouTube video. Imagine that. I really enjoy Matt Berry as an actor and personality. I chuckle thinking about some of the bits of television I’ve seen him in. At some point I’ll talk about Toast of London so we can all collectively chuckle. If you’d like this let me know! Anyway, since I like the guy I decided to check out the album Need Your Love came from and my goodness was I not prepared. I’ve since listened to Swimmer at least five times all the way through and am likely to listen more throughout the week. Some real neat stuff here. I called it Retro Pop because when I listen to I can feel how the mixing has pulled together the vocals by Alaina Moore and the instrumentation as it all settles and locks in. Like some surreal time capsule of sounds. It reminds me of another album called Titanic Rising by Weyes Blood which I also love and highly recommend.

Standout songs from the album are Runner and Tender as a Tomb. I haven’t check out other songs by the artist duo yet, but I can safely say I’ll do soon enough. I enjoy being able to see how an artist’s sound evolves throughout their career. I bet theirs will be a hoot!

Let’s wrap this up, I gotta head out.

I’ll talk at ya next week!

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time together. For what’s it’s worth the company was appreciated, for however long it may have been. I’m heading out like I said so it’s best we part ways for now. Go ahead and leave the chairs, I’ll get them later. Thanks though! I’ll catch ya later and until next time, be well and be safe. I’ll chat at ya next week.

p.s. my friend Kevin Moseni dropped a new single this past weekend. Give it a listen!

released in 2022

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