Fabulous Fantasy Podcast #1 – Fabulous Fights

Hey guys, with my Patreon stuff underway I wanted to try something a little different than usual. I’m in the process of getting a proper setup for recording YouTube videos and wanted to give a shot at podcasting while I gather money for a good video editing software. If things go well I’ll be aiming to upload both YouTube videos and podcasts in the future, so let me know what you think and if it’s something you like the idea of! I decided to talk about combat again in Dungeons and Dragons because it’s an aspect of the game that can take up a large portion of game time and think having it be memorable is really important for the enjoyment of a game!

One other announcement; I will be gone next week visiting some online Dungeons and Dragons friends I made over 8 years ago! It has been such a unique experience knowing someone online yet feeling as close as I do to each of them, and just another of the many examples of how Dungeons and Dragons has improved my life.

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