Kevin Beck

Business Consultant

Kevin Beck is a current student at the University of North Texas, studying Mechanical and Energy Engineering. He has experience in running finances for small businesses and is on board as a business consultant for Characters at Large. He aims to give advice on helping it stay organized and move forward as a company.

He has many hobbies, including blacksmithing, 3D printing, and electronic design. With this wide range of interest, Kevin provides a diverse set of skills and knowledge to the CAL team

Jordan Hurley

Business Consultant

Jordan has always had an appreciation for small content creators in whatever forms they practice. The sheer amount of work that gets put in by these artists had impressed him, though he’d never had an opportunity to help in an impactful way. When he was approached with the opportunity to help create a platform to give more creators a chance to shine, he was on board immediately. He is working as a business consultant and communicator for Characters at Large to help create a network of like-minded individuals that will give creators a chance to shine.

Christian Alexander

Business and Marketing Consultant

Christian Alexander is a member of Characters at Large’s Marketing team and is currently pursuing his education in marketing and social media management. During his down time, he can frequently be found browsing various community boards for video games, shows, and books. When not occupied at his desk, it’s common to find him out for a walk or a bike ride to keep his thoughts clear and moving forward.

Jonah Skrove

Writer and Marketing Consultant

Writer, Dungeon Master, Voice Actor and Creator, Jonah Skrove has always had a passion for a good story, and strives to make every work of his unique, emotional, evocative, and impactful. Through his experiences battling cancer, he has learned the strength of positivity and aims to share it with the world through his stories. 

Whilst writing for Characters at Large and helping run their Social Media, he has several projects he pursues on the side, including creating a Dungeons and Dragons system and working on his own Shonen series.