Preview of What’s to Come Next Week (03/14/2022)

As we’ve continued to grow our company and community, we’ve settled into a realization. We’ve been mulling over ways for new people to approach us with ideas and/or projects or simply enable desires to contribute to Characters at Large in whatever way they feel they can. Not just on the creative side of things, we also want to establish clear ways for you as an audience to engage with us. However, as it stands we haven’t done the best job communicating and encouraging ways that could be achieved, creating little in the way for our audience to directly interact with us. Thus our first new project, “Heroic Highlights,” will hope to aid with issues in a new and interactive way! Starting this upcoming Monday, we’ll be fully unveiling a new project of ours that we’re quite excited to share! This project will encourage an increase in direct interactions between our team and yourself, even allowing you to dip your toe in joining our creative team without the pressure or commitment of having you present your own project ideas.

“Heroic Highlights“ is simple: We’ll begin with a prompt related to characters and/or storytelling ideas. It can range from “Which character’s death was most impactful” to “which character has the best dumb power” or anything in between. Then, over the course of a month, interested parties will have a few weeks where they can write up their answer to the question and submit it to us. The week following the deadline we’ll post all approved submissions on our site throughout the week and on Friday we will also post a poll for you all to vote on your favorite submissions to see whose post is most favored! 

Depending on how things go, we may open the floor up for rewards for the winner(s) and opportunities for our viewers to submit questions for us to answer! If you see a prompt that you’re interested in, please feel free to write up a submission and contact one of us! We’re always happy to house more creators and grow and to help you grow as we do! We’ll share the prompt on Monday with Joel’s post. We hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve put together!

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